Dr. Ruble Creates an Online Curriculum & Advances Academic Assessment at the College

Posted on February 26th, 2020 by

Dr. Ruble is currently developing a curriculum on the history of Christianity and race in the United States, designed specifically for Christian groups such as adult Sunday schools. She has built the curriculum around eight videos and supplemented it with study guides, finding that many people really don’t know much about race and Christianity beyond, for example, a little about the Civil Rights movement. She hopes the series will help people better understand the long, complicated history of race in this country so that they approach current questions with a sense of where we have been and how we arrived at this point. All of the curriculum and three of the videos are completed and available on her website: sarahruble.com.


Dr. Ruble is also the Faculty Director of Assessment at Gustavus. In this role, Dr. Ruble helps faculty think about what they want students to learn and how best to figure out if they are learning it. She also facilitates inter-faculty dialogue on student learning. “Gustavus faculty,” she writes, “have always been great about evaluating student learning and making changes as necessary in the context of their own courses. My job is to help faculty discuss what they are learning about student performance and consider how that should affect the curriculum across the College.”


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