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Dr. Bunge and Dr. Cha Announce New Minor on Interfaith Leadership

The Religion Department – spearheaded by Dr. Marcia Bunge and Dr. John Cha – is launching a new minor in Fall 2020 focused on Interfaith Leadership. As Drs. Bunge and Cha write, “Religion is a fact and factor worldwide, and over 80% of human beings on the planet self-affiliate with a religious tradition. Given the […]

The Projects of Dr. Cooper: Sexuality, Liberation, Development, & Translation

In November 2017, Dr. Cooper published her second book, A Christian Guide to Liberating Desire, Sex, Partnership, Work, and Reproduction (Palgrave Pivot). It began in response to the numerous conversations Dr. Cooper was having students about sexual ethics. The predominant assumption among these students, she found, was that Christianity had nothing to say about sex, and […]

Dr. Ruble Creates an Online Curriculum & Advances Academic Assessment at the College

Dr. Ruble is currently developing a curriculum on the history of Christianity and race in the United States, designed specifically for Christian groups such as adult Sunday schools. She has built the curriculum around eight videos and supplemented it with study guides, finding that many people really don’t know much about race and Christianity beyond, […]

Dr. Elledge Publishes a Book on Resurrection in the Bible

This past summer, Dr. Casey Elledge published Resurrection of the Dead in Early Judaism, 200 BCE – CE 200. Appearing with Oxford University Press, the book offers an interpretation of some of the earliest literature within Judaism that exhibits a confident hope in resurrection. The book not only aids in the study of early Jewish […]

Dr. Couey Publishes an Edited Volume on the Poetry of the Hebrew Bible

Dr. Blake Couey and his colleague Dr. Elaine T. James of Princeton Theological Seminary published an edited volume entitled Biblical Poetry and the Art of Close Reading. Appearing in August 2018 with Cambridge University Press, the volume explores the aesthetic dimensions of biblical poetry, offering close readings of poems across the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament. Composed […]

Dr. Kessler Presents a Paper in Heidelberg

This past June, Dr. Samuel J Kessler presented a paper at a conference in Heidelberg, Germany. The gathering, “Grey Areas: Two Centuries of Wissenschaft des Judentums,” celebrated the bicentennial of the academic study of Judaism, and featured a keynote address by the Mr. Frank-Walter Steinmeier, President of the Federal Republic of Germany.   Dr. Kessler […]

George Hall Dinner Celebrates Student Achievement

On Thursday, May 9 the Religion Department hosted the annual George Hall Dinner. Named in honor of a former religion professor, the dinner is a time to honor students, celebrate excellence in the study of religion, and learn from scholars and pracitioners about the importance of religion in the world.  The dinner annually honors junior […]

Students Discuss Free Will and Determinism

On Thursday, March 28, the Gustavus Religion Department and Chaplains office co-sponsored the inaugural “Pub Theology” event at Third Street Tavern in St. Peter. “Pub Theology” is essentially an opportunity for students and faculty to meet at an off-campus location and discuss theology and religion while enjoying a spread of appetizers and a drink. The […]