Series Introduction: Summer Reading and Escapes From the Religion Faculty

Posted on July 21st, 2020 by

What a beautiful and strange summer this has been! For those of us who stayed in Minnesota, our state has been gorgeous and hot, with lots of sunshine, long humid days, ten thousand mosquitoes per square foot, and big thunderstorms that roll down from Canada and make the leaves shimmer in the late morning light.

But this summer has been strange too, in the quiet and the solitude of home contrasted with and the heightened national conversation in the news and online.

Over the coming week, as we wend our way through the heat of August and prepare to return to campus in September (or virtually, to our online lecture halls and Moodle pages), we’re going to highlight in this space some of what that the Religion faculty have been reading, thinking, and writing these past few months.

We’re all a little exhausted by the state of the world right now — health, politics, social unrest; a confederacy of unreckoned sins and unreflective self-righteousness. But a good book remains eternal. As does a good translation of Holy Writ.

If you’re looking around for what’s interesting and insightful during these troubled times, we’ve got you covered. Join us in reading our last books of the summer holiday, then find us in the classroom or online this fall.



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