Dr. Couey Publishes an Edited Volume on the Poetry of the Hebrew Bible

Posted on January 31st, 2020 by

Dr. Blake Couey and his colleague Dr. Elaine T. James of Princeton Theological Seminary published an edited volume entitled Biblical Poetry and the Art of Close Reading. Appearing in August 2018 with Cambridge University Press, the volume explores the aesthetic dimensions of biblical poetry, offering close readings of poems across the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament.

Composed of essays by fifteen leading scholars of biblical poetry (including renowned biblical translator Robert Alter), the book offers creative and insightful close readings of poems from across the canon of the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament (e.g., Psalms, wisdom poetry, Song of Songs, prophecy, and poetry in biblical narrative).

The essay build on recent advances in the scholarly understanding of biblical poetry and engage a variety of theoretical perspectives and current trends in the study of literature. They demonstrate the rewards of careful attention to textual detail, and they provide models of the practice of close reading for students, scholars, and general readers. They also highlight the rich aesthetic value of the biblical poetic corpus and offer reflection on the nature of poetry itself as a meaningful and enduring form of art.

(Visitors to the Department can read a copy of the book, which is on display in the third floor “Faculty Publications” bookcase.)


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