Podcast: Dr. Thia Cooper on Marcella Althaus-Reid Posted on July 26th, 2021 by

This past March, Dr. Thia Cooper published Queer and Indecent: An Introduction to the Theology of Marcella Althaus Reid (SCM Press). In June, Dr. Cooper sat down with Liam Miller, of the blog “Love.Rinse.Repeat” to discuss the book. 

Here is Liam’s brief summary of their conversation, and a link to the video where you can listen and/or watch: 

“In sum, Althaus-Reid wanted to help us free ourselves from dominating constructs that keep us from knowing God […] the goal is not to formulate one theology but to celebrate the diverse ways of knowing God.”

I sat down with Thia Cooper to talk about her new introduction to the work of Marcella Althaus-Reid. We talk about the theological marketplace, attending to variety and lived experience in theology, the hermeneutical circle, the work that remains to be done, and armpits.

Listen to their conversation here.


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