Dr. Elledge Interviewed on Learning for Life @ Gustavus — Plus A Peak at Some Great New Scholarship

Posted on May 30th, 2021 by

Dr. Casey Elledge was featured this past year on Learning for Life @ Gustavus, a new podcast hosted by Dr. Greg Kaster (History).

In an episode entitled “From Preacher’s Nephew to Religion Prof,” Dr. Elledge discusses his early exposure to lived Christianity, and the various influences that eventually brought him to the study of Second Temple Judaism and the ancient Near East.

“I hope that listeners are both enlightened and entertained,” Kaster says of the podcast series. “There’s so much to learn as these experts discuss how their work intersects with society’s pressing issues. As a historian, I’ve always been fascinated by an individual’s unique path and how things work behind the scenes.”

In the meantime, Dr. Elledge has also been at work on two major projects:

1.  A book on early Jewish writings and Christian origins for the Oxford Essentials of Biblical Studies series, meant to introduce students to the history of scholarship and current ideas and debates in the field. As Dr. Elledge says, “It has been enjoyable to work on this teaching volume in conversation with students, while testing out some drafts with them.”
2.  An invited lecture, scheduled for next year, on the topic of Jewish Eschatology at the Bayerisches Forschungszentrum für Interreligiöse Diskurse, a working group of textual scholars and philosophers of Religion who focus on important questions in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.
We look forward to hearing more Religion professors on the Gustavus podcast. And we’ll put Dr. Elledge’s forthcoming book on all our to-day list for Summer 2022!

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